How often do you monitor my site?

The monitoring interval for our free service is 30 or 60 minutes. You may select the monitoring interval that you want for each domain. Our Premium Service provides 5 and 15 minute monitoring intervals.
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How far back do you keep monitoring statistics for my account?

Detailed statistics for each domain are kept for 2 months while statistic summaries are kept for...

What are the costs for your services?

Gesture-WebMonitor provides all of our basic services free of charge, we ask only that you...

I have a Gesture-Monitor paid Account. Now I want to monitor more websites, how do I buy more website monitors?

You can keep adding new website monitors using the 'Add Monitor' option. Our system will...

How do I downgrade my account?

You can downgrade your account using the Downgrade my account option under Account->General...

Can I create multiple accounts using same email id?

No. At the moment, only one account per email id is allowed.

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