Available Monitoring Options

HTTP: Web Server


POP3: Email Server


SMTP: Outgoing Email Server


FTP: File Transfer Protocol


SSL: Secure Socket Layer


DNS: Domain Name Server


Custom TCP Ports




Web Page Content


HTTP Password Protection

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Can I create multiple accounts using same email id?

No. At the moment, only one account per email id is allowed.

How many domains can I monitor?

Each account may monitor 1 domain. If you need additional domains to be monitored, you can...

I want to monitor 5 websites every 5 minutes. How much do I have to pay monthly?

Our pricing system charges you based on the number of urls you monitor and their monitoring...

Can I have my site link to gesture web monitor?

Yes, we would love to see that !

How can I contact Gesture-WebMonitor?

You may send an email to info@websiteshelter.com or use our contact form.

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