I am not receiving the email from GESTURE WEBSITE MONITOR. What should i do ?

The email may be landed in your spam folder. Whitelist the email from GESTURE WEBSITE MONITOR to receive email in your inbox.
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Do I need to download or install anything to use Gesture-WebMonitor?

No, all monitoring services work remotely from our servers. All you do is login to your password...

Can I monitor multiple web pages in a single session?

Yes. You can monitor multiple web pages as a single web transaction. You need to download...

Can I create multiple accounts using same email id?

No. At the moment, only one account per email id is allowed.

How do you determine if a server is "up"?

Our software checks the server response code from your host and if the server response code is...

I want to monitor 5 websites every 5 minutes. How much do I have to pay monthly?

Our pricing system charges you based on the number of urls you monitor and their monitoring...

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