I am using your free account. Can I buy SMS packs?

NO, you can buy SMS packs First upgrade your free account to paid account  
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I am not receiving the email from GESTURE WEBSITE MONITOR. What should i do ?

The email may be landed in your spam folder. Whitelist the email from GESTURE WEBSITE MONITOR to...

I have paid for 5 website monitors with 60 minute poll intervals. Now how can I change it to 5 minutes polling ? Will I lose any money?

You need to just login to your account, edit the website monitors and change Monitoring Interval...

Can I monitor multiple web pages in a single session?

Yes. You can monitor multiple web pages as a single web transaction. You need to download...

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One. When your site goes down, you will receive a 'Down' alert describing the reason for the...

How can I contact Gesture-WebMonitor?

You may send an email to info@websiteshelter.com or use our contact form.

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