Do you offer a reseller program?

Yes. We offer a variety of reseller programs catering to the needs of businesses, solution providers as well as individuals
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Does SiteUptime have an API?

Yes, SiteUptime now offers an API (based on REST) for users with an Advanced or Premium account....

I am not receiving the email from GESTURE WEBSITE MONITOR. What should i do ?

The email may be landed in your spam folder. Whitelist the email from GESTURE WEBSITE MONITOR to...

Can I create multiple accounts using same email id?

No. At the moment, only one account per email id is allowed.

Can I disable daily/weekly report?

Yes. Daily and weekly reports can be enabled/disabled from Account->Reports section.   

How far back do you keep monitoring statistics for my account?

Detailed statistics for each domain are kept for 2 months while statistic summaries are kept for...

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