What is it that makes your services different?

The most effective difference in our submission is that it is done manually employing the requisite intelligence and expertise to confirm better results. 

An in-depth analysis is carried out before actually executing the submission. Our team of professionals actually carry out an extensive research to gauge the popularity ranking of every keyword and other popular keyword permutations and combinations to deliver the desired results. 

A extensive review is conducted by our professionals in regards to your submission information and website copy before instigating the submission. 
Back end preparation and verifications is conducted to ensure that all vital links to not just the server but also in your website is at its optimum best. This avoids any Bounce-back of visitors as well as search engines on event of any malfunctions in the links. 
There could be innumerable reasons like mistakes of the search engine, corrupt database etc. for non-reflection of listing or slip in listing of your website. Therefore, regular monitoring is conducted to view the listing of website on the top 10 major Internet Search Engines. If our system does not find your web site in any one of the top 10 search engines, we immediately carry out a Search Engine resubmission process to resubmit your website to that specific Search Engine. 
You are provided detailed reports of the listing of your website on the keywords and the ranking it holds in the respective leading search engines on regular intervals. 
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Do you offer hosting on Linux and Windows Platform?

Yes window/linux shaered host- vps-dedicate server -email server

What are the plans and prices for the same?

To find the details about plans and Prices. 

Do you have your own servers?

Yes we have our own 5 dedicated servers in UK

Do you have your own servers?

Yes we have our own 5 dedicated servers in UK 

How old is your company? GESTURE

We are into business since 1997.