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We understand the needs of a growing business and we provide you precisely that. Being in this industry for years and working on constant feedback from our customers, we offer extremely feature rich email hosting solutions which not only guarantee you satisfaction, but also a hassle free experience. 

FREE Web Mail (available in simple advanced and Ajax forms)

Your personalized email address can be accessed world-wide through our Webmail. Also, you can send and receive email from any Internet connection. it consists of rich innovative user-interfaces for both IE and Mozilla/Firefox that look like traditional desktop clients and utilize the latest technologies that are specifically designed for business users and giving you full functionality. A light-weight "Simple" interface is also provided, for access via any browser. 

Users can also perform their own mailbox management tasks. They can change their passwords, manage address books, tasks, appointments, mail forwarding options, auto-responder etc. 



SMTP access- You can also compose and send emails using any of your favorite desktop-based email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora etc., thus allowing you to compose emails even when you are offline. We give you complete SMTP access keeping you independent of the Webmail in case you wish to. 



Unlimited POP3 & IMAP Access- You can use your favorite email client to download and view emails. Using our POP3 service we give you additional options such as 'leave mail on server' which will enable you to view the same email from different computers or web based email and could also be useful for backup purposes. We also provide you with the modern alternative to POP3 i.e. IMAP to download and view your emails.



Anti-Spam Protection- Our comprehensive in house anti-spam solution enables you to stay a step ahead of spammers and is capable of Blocking 93-94% of all spam and all spam that is blocked is 100% guaranteed junk mail i.e. genuine mails would never get blocked ensuring that any of your genuine mails are never flagged as spam and you do not miss out on them.



Anti-Virus Protection for ALL your Email accounts- All your email accounts include our state-of-the-art Virus Protection system and automatically blocks infected email attachments that may damage your computer with destructive viruses. We ensure you and your users have round the clock and comprehensive protection against the threat of e-mail borne viruses and malicious code. Our Anti Virus software detects nearly 100% of viruses and other malicious programs. 



DNS Manager- More than 90% of the web hosting companies worldwide do not provide you with an interface to manage your own DNS Records. With each of our email hosting packages you have the ability to add and manage up to 500 records for FREE! using our powerful yet easy-to-use web based User Interface you can add, modify, delete all types of records through the web based interface. 



50 Mailing Lists- Along with every hosting package, you get the ability to add up to 50 mailing lists with 500 members in each list. While adding a mailing list, you can decide to create it in the form of a newsletter, an announce list, a private discussion list or an open discussion list. You can also block certain users from posting to your list, restrict size of messages sent to the mailing list, add/remove moderators etc. 



500 E-mail Forwards/Aliases- A choice of forward/alias can be anything - corporate name, business department, additional nickname, misspellings etc. An email forward/alias can redirect all incoming emails to - one or more email accounts, mailing lists or other email forwards/aliases. With up to 500 email forwards allowed with every package, you will never be short of options. 



Vacation Messages / Email Bots- Enabling the auto-responder would result in an automatic reply being sent out by the email system as soon as an email is received for that specific email address. Auto-Responders can be used as vacation messages, delivery confirmations or even Email Bots.



Catch-all E-mail Address- A catch-all is an account that receives messages sent to non-existent email addresses at your domain name. For example, if someone sends a mail to, and the account didn't actually exist, the catch-all would receive this message. 


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Do you have your own servers?

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