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Functionality Packed Web-Based Control Panel: The Hosting Packages can be managed through our FREE web-based Control Panels which have been developed keeping your needs in mind. Our Control Panels enable uploading and managing website content, managing SSL certificates, bandwidth theft protection, boosting your website speed etc. - ALL in just a click!

FREE Image Gallery: We give you '4images' - the most popular tool for you to manage all your photos online! 





FREE Forum Tool: We also give you 'phpBB' which is another easy to use tool to setup a forum and manage it in the most convenient fashion possible. At any point in time, you could also refer to the FAQ section - you wont have a doubt left! 





FREE Content Management Systems: We offer you three of the most powerful content management systems to power your website - namely Joomla, phpNuke and Nucleus CMS. 





FREE Shopping Cart: Converting your website into a shop and enabling your customers to purchase your products, cannot get any simpler! We provide you with Oscommerce which is an Online shopping cart tool that will allow you to setup, run, and maintain an online store with minimum effort and absolutely no costs, fees, or limitations involved.





FREE Blog: We also give you WordPress, which is a powerful personal publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible.





FTP Features and File Manager: You get the ability to upload and download data 24x7, unlimited number of times. Add to this, you get the ability to add up to 100 FTP users. We also provide you with unique and advanced features like restricting access of a particular user to a folder, set disk quota limitations on a per FTP User Basis and a complete log of actions of each user. Moreover, we provide you with a web-based FTP tool within your Control Panel itself for managing your content. This tool provides extensive features to update your website, in the event that you are unable to use any dedicated FTP software. With all of these and much more you can upload and manage your website content with absolute ease.





Custom Error Pages: You can customize the HTTP errors on your website so that your site visitors are never lost if a page on your website does not exist, you can redirect the user to a local URL / remote URL or specify a text / HTML message on the occurrence of the HTTP error. 





FREE Domain Aliases: You can add up to 5 Domain Aliases with each hosting package that you purchase. This will enable you to protect your identity and brand image on multiple TLDs or provide a cover for misspellings of your domain name. If you have more than one brand name then you could point these also to the same hosting package by specifying them as domain aliases. Hosting Managment 


We have spoken a lot about the abundance of features on our hosting packages and how we have always made a constant effort at including a lot of functionality and usability in our products. But it becomes obvious that these functionalities and features need to be available with utmost ease, which is exactly what this mail is about. It becomes imperative to elaborate about the ease at which our all inclusive control panel empowers the management of these feature packed products and makes life easy.


You can manage each and every thing related to your Hosting package through a single Control Panel which is easy to use and user friendly. This ensures you don't have to switch to different interfaces for different functionalities. 


Let us have a look at a few actions that can be performed on the Web Hosting package from your Control Panel:


FTP Accounts: You can create, manage and access up to 100 FTP Accounts and give them different permissions, which results in easier management and delegation of work. You can also upload content online from the Control Panel.



Databases: You can manage the databases as well as the database users associated with your Hosting package. Moreover, you can also Backup these databases and restore them at a later point. This helps in easier management of Databases.



Backup Policies: Here you can add multiple BackUp policies for the various folders and the rotation cycle of these BackUp policies can be Daily, Weekly or Monthly. This makes sure that you never loose any important data.



Manage SSL: From here, you can generate and install digital certificates for your hosting packages from an easy web interface rather than punching lines and commands on the server.



Power Tools (Free utility applications for Linux Packages): You can install/uninstall/view the various Power tools that we provide to you such as Blog, Forums, Images Gallery, CMS, etc.

and much more..


Let us now look at the actions that can be performed on your Email Hosting package:


Summary: You can view a Summary of the Email Hosting Package such as No. of Email Boxes Used/Available, Space Used/Available, Mailing lists from a single window. Here, you will also have access to the addresses of your POP, IMAP and SMTP Server, along with the URL to the Web Based Email.



Create/manage Email Accounts and Mailing Lists under the Email Hosting Package. You can also limit the Email Accounts to specific Disk Space.


Set various advanced options to the Email Accounts such as Email Forwards, Auto Responders, CatchAll Account, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned features, you can also perform the following actions on the Web and Email Hosting packages:

Upgrade or Downgrade your package. So, you can purchase excess Bandwidth, renew your Package and purchase a dedicated IP at absolutely any point in time

Manage upto 500 DNS records of the Domain Name for each package (Total DNS control).

Conclusively, we offer you these industry leading hosting solutions at a price that will meet your needs and budget perfectly. We deliver the exact services that you expect and pay for and ensure reliability, quality and scalability and serve to be the perfect host for all your online needs.


In today's age making a strong online presence for any business/individual is a very critical aspect, you can be rest assured of a right mix of quality and price with our solutions.


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