I want to monitor 5 websites every 5 minutes. How much do I have to pay monthly?

Our pricing system charges you based on the number of urls you monitor and their monitoring intervals. A single url monitored with a 5-minute monitoring interval costs 4 USD per month. So, monitoring five webpages/urls at 5 minute intervals will cost you 20 USD per month.


I have a shopping cart Web application on my website. There are 5 steps from login to checkout in the application. If I use your Web Application monitor and monitor my shopping cart every 30 minutes, how much will it cost?


For web application monitors, the pricing is based on two factors: 1Monitoring interval.2 Number of steps/urls present in the sequence of the web application monitor.


The web application monitor pricing charges you based on each step in the url sequence. So, in this case, monitoring one step in the sequence at 30 minute intervals will cost you USD 2 per month. Since there are 5 steps from login to checkout, this web application monitor will cost you USD 10 per month.

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