Why do I want to use meta tags with my cloaked URL forwarding account?

The advantage of using meta tags with your cloaked URL is that you are providing search engines with information about your website when they visit your actual domain name. Meta tags are lines of code at the top of an html page that instruct search engines and give them information about your website. Some basic meta tags include:

<TITLE>Your Site Title Here</TITLE> - This tells Search Engines what the name of your site is. Often times, search engines use these titles for the title of your listing within their search results.
<META NAME='description' CONTENT='Your site description here'> - This gives search engines an idea of what your site is about. Often times, search engines use the description as the description of your listing within their search results.
<META NAME='Keywords' CONTENT='Your site keywords here.'> - This gives search engines an idea of what your site is about.

It is highly recommended that you have the basic meta tags in place when you use a cloaked domain. While these tags are not the sole source of information about your website, they are useful in helping some of the engines determine your placement.
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