How long does it take to be submitted to search engines and directories?

The time taken for your site to appear varies greatly as each search engine has a different time from for which it adds new submissions. Your site could be added instantly or take several months depending on the engine. The submit pages on most sites will give you an approximation as to how long it will take for your site to appear. Submitting your site to an engine does not guarantee that it will be listed. Some engines review all submissions manually and the administrators can add or reject your submission at his discretion without notice.

It is fair to point out though that not all submissions are added the first time due to the growing number of sites being submitted to Search Engines and Directories. Also note that some search engines are 'specialty' search engines and only allow submissions that are of a particular subject or have a particular domain extension.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that your site will be approved by all search engines and directories, nor can we guarantee the position of your site in the results.
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