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I want to be able to auto-populate Mobile Website sites for my customers. Can I do this?

Yes; you can easily auto-populate Mobile Website sites for your customers from either a desktop site or by using the Mobile Website configuration API. Please contact you Mobile Website Account Manager for more information.


  •  Is it possible to integrate Mobile Website with a website builder?

Yes; please contact your Mobile Website Account Manager for more information.


  •  I want to build my own user interface for Mobile Website. Is this possible?

Yes; please contact your Mobile Website Account Manager for more information.


  •  Is there a way to automatically send my customers’ mobile traffic to their Mobile Website site?

Yes; this can be done in a number of different ways:


o  Add redirection code which is provided to the site owners via the ‘Redirection Code Generator Feature’ in the Tools area or by clicking on the Finish button on the Control Panel. This code should be added to their desktop site code so that if someone goes to their desktop site on a mobile device they will automatically be redirected to the Mobile Website mobile site

o  HTacess file can be added to the root folder of the desktop site to provide automatic redirection.




  •  How does Mobile Website help to increase a site’s visibility in mobile search engines?

The Mobile Website site is built using good practice recommendations, as outlined in Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide, which include creation of a sitemap, well defined page titles and descriptions, optimized site structure for navigation, good URL structure, optimized robots.txt, and site submission to directories.


In addition, the customer can provide keywords for their business, which are used to assist search engines to rank the site’s relevance to an end user’s search request. Links to social network sites will also assist in this process.


  •  How does the Mobile Website Free Trial work?

When a customer signs up for Mobile Website, you can offer the product free of charge for thirty days. Free Trials can be provisioned on 2nd or 3rd level domains. A lot of resellers opt to place the free Trial on a 3rd level domain, so that a domain purchase is not necessary to evaluate the product. During the free trial period, the customer can make changes to their Mobile Website site as desired, according to the information and functionality they want to present to users.


Once the free trial expires, they can upgrade to the paid for product to ensure continuity of service of their Mobile Website site.




  •  30 day re-activation period [Grace period]

Mobile Website subscriptions allow a 30 day grace period following the expiry date during which the

subscription can be re-activated with all prior content available. The Control Panel and Mobile Website site are not accessible during the Grace period.



  •  Suppress Footer Branding - How does my Mobile Website customer remove the ‘Mobile Website by dotMobi’

branding on the footer of their Mobile Website site?

The site owner should go to the ‘Site Footer’ feature in the Design area of the Mobile Website Control

Panel and select the ‘Suppress Branding’ option.




  •  How can a reseller cancel a Mobile Website subscription?

Resellers can cancel Mobile Website subscriptions via the API – as outlined in the integration document or via the Mobile Website Admin dashboard

o Once a subscription has been cancelled it cannot be reactivated.

o Domains associated with cancelled subscriptions can be reused immediately for new


o  There are no refunds on any cancelled subscriptions; cancelled subscriptions will be invoiced for the remainder of the subscription term at the end of the month the subscription is cancelled in.

o  Details on cancelled subscription will appear in the data file that accompanies the Mobile Website invoice each month.

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