What information do I need to give you?

Once you order Site Migration, the team will be in contact with you to get all of the information they will need to migrate your site for you. We’ll need to access your existing website, so we may be asking you for important login details.
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What is Site Migration?

Site Migration is a migration service managed by our dedicated support team for your website....

How long does it take?

After filling out the form, we will contact you within two business days. Each website is...

What type of migrations do you support?

At this time, the Site Migration Beta supports all sites.

Will you set up all of my plugins and themes?

Our experienced SiteMover team will do its best to make sure all plugins and themes are migrated...

Will you really migrate me to another host?

Yes! We are dedicated to making sure our customers are happy. If we cannot find the best service...