How does a Wildcard Certificate Work?

Our DigiCert SSL Wildcard Certificate provides SSL protection for unlimited first-level sub-domains of the domain name you specify in your Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

For example, if you hosted, a DigiCert SSL Wildcard Certificate for * would allow you to secure Unlimited First-Level Subdomains such as:


The * character in the common name is the wildcard character. It can take on any first-level subdomain name. The value assumed by the * character must not have a period or 'dot' in it. This is why we say that the Wildcard Certificate will cover unlimited first-level subdomains.

The Wildcard Certificate comes with an unlimited server license. This means that you can install the certificate to as many different server machines as you want at no extra cost. The naming scheme requirement described above remains the same for the additional servers.


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