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Examination online You'|| be surpised at how easy it is to put your exams online. We smoothly integrated our fluid management system with our base software so that we could deliver the final product exactly like you want it, and at the exact price you want it to be. Create your Own Exam, with Exam Online. Whether you're managing a sales team, product launch or certification program, Examination online streamlined features will make you more productive by being able to efficiently administer and manage multiple exams. In today's world, that translates into success! Our Testing Platform has the following unique features:

Online Test For Business

Price Plan
1.Pre-Hire Assessment2.Campus Recruitment 3.Employee Skill AssessmentUse our large portfolio of tests or build your own to review employee performance..

Exam kiosk helps you in accurate selection of candidates. Using our state-of-the-art online testing platform, you can quickly identify right candidates. You can save your organization's time and money, and reduce the hiring bias with Exam kiosk . Whether you need a complete industry-tested assessment solution or you have your own proprietary content looking for a robust and secure testing platform, Exam kiosk is there for you.

Online Test For Education

Price Plan
1.Highly Customizable.Supports all types of questions formats, provides custom grading scheme and certificates.2.Save Time3.Build Question Bank

Examkiosk is a very easy-to-setup and student friendly testing platform for any assessment requirements. You can create practice tests, feedback tests, surprise quizzes and certification exams in minutes. No technical expertise needed.

RecruitPro: Online Candidate Screening

Price Plan
1.Readymade Tests.2.Smartphones and Tabs3.Secure Environment

Our RecruitPro packages help you screen candidates faster on hundreds of skills from your branded online test academy. You can provide detailed assessment reports to clients and gain an edge on mass job portals and generic job consultants. Find Test

Online Practice TEST

Price Plan
1.Entrance Exam 2. Recruitment Exam 3.Acadmic Exam

Entrance Exam Practice Set Take various tests and find out how much you score before you Attemp Test Sample question banks and online model test preparation for engineering and medical entrance examinations, online entrance question banks. Find Test

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