Outsource Data Mining and Web Research Services in India

Every company/organization needs data mining and data entry services to increase their profitability. As in other words for business intelligence, Market tracking and to provide Quality Assurance to your Customer Data Mining is must. From a business point of view, data mining services are actively used in marketing and finance to cross examine competitor growth, profit analysis, sales, budget etc.

Data mining services are being employed in CRM implementation to present the essential task and executed on following bases.

  • For Remarkable in depth analysis
  • To establish as probability of success.

Edataindia help businesses for improving profitability and detecting fraud by providing following services:

  • Market monitoring
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Web Research
  • Data Extracting

Prices are very crucial and important part which surely needs some analysis for an e-commerce business. We believe that an e-com business can grow more if they use fair markup and they know what discount is given by their competitor's website. We provide data mining services for doing price analysis.

gesture have well versed staff who work effectively and positively for the clients. We also provide web research services supported by experienced staff. We have a vast knowledge in the area of web research such as finding company details, email research, internet research and reporting. You can assign job of researching related to your business and our staff will investigate find the required information.

Catalog Processing
Data Entry
Data Conversion
Data Mining
Data Processing
Form Processing
Data Capturing
OCR / Scanning
Image Processing
Back Office Support
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