Outsource Data Capture and Data Entry services in India

Gesture, the offshore outsourcing company offer a range of a complementary set of document and data capture services. We have many satisfied clients, both large and small including the Public sector and Private Sector. All of our clients trust us to securely process their information, on time and to strict and verifiable quality assurance standards.

Data capture service involving the manual data entry, OCR (optical character recognition) and images-formatconvert need to convert the resources into digital e-documents. We offer you high quality and cost-effective data entry, Image Captchas, data capture services.

Few of our data capture and scanning services are: 

  • Document scanning of bulk and smaller archives of standard A4/small format documentation.

  • Scanning drawings, maps, estates information, engineering drawings.

  • Secure storage and management of documents and drawings.

  • Drawing copying, reproduction of microfilm formats, printing/plotting of digitally stored information us.


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