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2 JUL 2013

Mobile Website

1 in 4 of your customers is on the mobile web. Are you ready?Get your business a mobile website with the full managed service from Managing Mobile.30+ mobile website features to choose fromEngage your mobile customers with Click to Call and Social Networking featuresConduct business on your mobile website with Reservations, Coupons, and mCommerce features.

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No hosting required
All goMobi sites are hosted in the cloud ensuring that we deliver fast loading, high performance sites at all times. Sites work on all mobile devices not just Smartphones! goMobi leverages dotMobi’s powerful device detection and content adaptation solutions to ensure that our sites work seamlessly on 12,000 different devices. These are constantly being developed to meet the changing needs of the business.
Create mobile sites from multiple sources
Create custom mobile sites or automatically create sites from a desktop site in a matter of minutes or bulk create mobile sites from an existing database of content. The choice is yours.
Easy to use Control Panel for creating/updating sites
Each site has it’s own control Panel with multiple design templates, and over 30+ mobile specific features including click-to-call, maps, directions, shopping cart, video, ads, mobile analytics and much more. Automatic updates from Facebook, Twitter, event calendars and Google+.
Multiple languages supported
To accommodate the diverse needs of businesses around the world goMobi sites can be easily created in any of 12+ languages, each Control Panel can be displayed in any of 12+ languages and each site visitor can translate the mobile site into over 30+ languages with our unique site translation feature.
30 day Free Trial with every site
See how easy it is to use goMobi by offering your customers a 30 day Free Trial. Statistics show that over 43% of customers buy goMobi after availing of our 30 day free trial.
Your brand your way
Create a custom white label solution for you and each of your downstream partners and extend your companies visibility, maximise your market reach and give you and your partners a competitive edge.
Mass produce sites
Option to mass produce sites from existing business data, to use as a ‘Try before you buy’ tool; thus offering customers the ability to view how their business would look on a mobile device without having to do any work!.
Multiple Integration Options
Multiple integration options available to suit your specific business requirements. Select from our API, cPanel/WHMC Plugin or Parallels APS Plugin. No integration options also available.
Admin Web interface
Our Admin Dashboard is a powerful web interface that allows you create, manage and edit sites, generate reports, create and manage downstream partners and much more. End customer non-branded interface also available to allow your customer to access and manage their own site. Customer support Gesture provide 24/7 partner support. As no technical knowledge is required with goMobi’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface, support requirements to your customers are reduced to a minimum. Show your customer where you are, using the reliable Google Maps plugin. Multiple locations are also supported (up to 6 locations in total).
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