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Forum Scripts

Forum PHP script can be easily integrated into a page and fit the design of your website. Forum helps you set up a knowledge base for your users where they can share what they know about your products or site with each other. This script helps you quickly set up a forum that will help you save on the cost and time for support.
Visitors to your forum will be able to post new topics as well as discuss and reply to other topics. The administration section of the script was made for user simplicity. By utilizing menu items, categories and features—anyone with little to no knowledge of websites or programming can easily get their forum to function and look just like they want.ou can install our forum script on any website and customize it as you wish.


  • Quick and easy installation. All you have to do is access one page and provide log-in information for an administrator
  • Users have to register after which the can ask and answer questions
  • Users can follow discussion by simply clicking a button
  • Allow the users to report posts and you as administrator can delete the post or ignore the report
  • All publicly accessible forms are protected by captcha to prevent spam
  • The script has an authentication system that allows for registration, signing-in and signin-out, and retrieving lost passwords
  • As an administrator you can easily ban users that cause trouble
  • You can create categories to sort the posts in
  • The script gives users recognition based on their participation. It keeps count of the answers they give and the likes they receive from other users.
  • Users can easily access all the questions that they have asked
  • A simple and attractive user interface
  • The HTML files for the script are all in one place and separate from the code making it easy for you to modify. The HTML is all Twitter Bootstrap.
  • All the text that is displayed in all the pages of the script is in one file making it very easy to translate
  • control the number of topics per page
  • option to approve topics/replies before having them posted
  • moderators with rights to edit/delete topics and replies
  • visitors are able to upload Icon(Avatar image) per each topics or reply
  • choose order (assending or descending) of replies
  • counter for the number of replies for each topic
  • views counter for each topic
  • option to receive email notices of new topics or replies that are posted
  • ability to send email approval notice to the forum user when posting a topic or reply
  • allowable HTML tags options for images, links, embeded vodeos etc...
  • option to choose the type of anti-spam code - reCaptcha, math captcha, simple captcha and very simple captcha
  • breaking long(spam) words
  • ability to create a list of banned words which will prevent unwanted words from being posted
  • SQL and javascript injection prevent
  • RSS Feed with links to topics
  • simple and readable php source code
  • easy to place on your webpage - copy and paste a single line of code
  • we provide free email support for script installation and setup

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