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Invoice Manager script

Our PHP invoice script is a professionally developed online invoice creator designed to meet the need of a simple billing and invoicing software for your business. Our online invoice management software will give you all the flexibility and the convenience needed to focus on your current business tasks while having a fully functional invoice maker and client database at hand.DEMOview


Online Invoicing & BillingInvoice Manager is a simple online invoice billing software that automates online invoicing and assists you in the billing process. You can create an unlimited number of invoices, manage recurring invoices, email invoices to clients, print invoices, create invoice templates.

Client DatabaseKeep your clients data up to date with a complete client profile at hand. Easy client database management and a online invoice software. Our invoice software will automatically fill in client details into a new invoice when you select a client.

Generate ReportsGenerate reports based on different criteria: period of time, client and date range, currency and date range, status and date range, payment type and date range.

Import/Export Client DatabaseImport / Export support for client database – allows you to inject data into the Invoice Manager and extract data in CSV format.

Recurring InvoicesInvoice maker with a duplicate invoice feature which makes it easy for you to manage recurring invoices. Duplicating invoice will create a new invoice with the same details but current date.

Invoice TemplatesWith our invoice creator you can create Print Invoice – template and Pay Invoice – template using a simple WYSIWYG editor and available tokens.

Email InvoicesOnline invoice software which makes communication with clients easier. Use the Email Invoice feature to send invoices to clients. You can individualize your email message through a simple WYSIWYG editor. The invoice software generates a unique invoice URL for each invoice you've create.

Password Protected Invoice Management SystemInvoice Manager is a web based and password secured invoice management system. Only people with valid login details can access the invoice management system.

Quick & Advanced SearchQuick and advanced search features built in the PHP Invoice Manager script. Using the search will allow you to easily find invoices or browse clients by different criteria.

Group Access ControlTwo levels of access to the invoicing software: administrator and user. Administrators have full access to the options and settings, while users can only manage client database and update certain invoices.

Online PaymentsBilling software with online payment integrations such as PayPal and Autorize.Net . You should set the details of you merchant account after logging into the admin.

Taxes & CurrencyManage the default values for VAT percentage and the default currency by the Options page when you log into your online invoicing software admin panel. You also have the ability to change those values individually for each invoice.

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