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Member Login Scripts

Do you want to create a members area for your website visitors? With Member Login script you can create unlimited amount of users, each having own login details. You can password protect any php page on your website and only members with valid login details can access it. A Fast, Simple Login Solution (No Databases Needed) is a quick and easy solution to secure any web page without the need of programming knowledge and a database. This application can lock down any php webpage with ONE line of code.


Different groups
create different groups for your members. Each group has own registration form and protection code.
Protect web pages
protect your php web pages and assign different users or group who can access them.
Protect files
upload files and have a protected download link for each of them. Only members who are authorized to download the files can save it.
Login page
simple HTML code used to place a login form code on any of your web pages
Logout link
a link can be placed on any of your pages to log members out of your protected pages
Forgot password
members can easily recover their passwords
Translate it to your language
change all the front end messages using external language file
Easy to install
using a simple JavaScript code you can put member login and registration forms on any valid web page
Complete source codes
Only with our Member Login script you can get the full source codes for a comments system. You will be able to modify and rebrand it.

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