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News Manager script

As the admin you can write new articles and list, edit, delete and search in existing ones. The news script features a WYSIWYG editor that gives you full control over the format of an article. The script allows you to choose an article date and the date when the article is to be published. The title of an article appears as part of the URL which is good for search engine optimization. In case your server supports mod_rewrite the article URL looks like the URL of a normal HTML page.On the front end side the visitor will be provided with a list of published articles. As admin you can set the number of articles per page which results in several result pages which can be browsed by the visitor.!


one step installation wizard

password protected admin area with multiple options and features that you can control (see demo)

ability to create non administrative news content editors/authors

create news categories

top news section (see demo)

news slider for your homepage headlines (see demo)

ability to highlight specific articles in the news listing

control over the size and position of accompanied photo for each article

option to add youtube videos

supports any language(including administrtion area and editors/authors area)

easy css setup with unlimited visual combinations

easy to place on your webpage - copy and paste a single line of code

html/text editor for the news content /news archive (see demo)/'Share This' button option/set the number of news articles shown per page

allow comments to be posted for each news article/sort the order of comments (ascending/descending)/approve comments before having them listed option to choose different captcha verification images for comments form /additional verification question and answer for comments form

option to create a list of words and IP addresses that will be banned from news comments page/prevention of SQL javascript injections

email address where all new comments notifications will be sent to RSS Feed with images, validated by w3c readable php source code

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