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Today's Chief Learning Officer is faced with a daunting task: how do you manage all the exams? How to create and administer multiple exams to diverse groups of employees in an effective and efficient manner? Is there an organized way to deliver them to an entire department? Now a days training professionals and managers need to find better ways of ensuring that continuous learning is enabled in the workplace while still completing all their other work.

How Examination online help you:- Examination online You'|| be surpised at how easy it is to put your exams online. We smoothly integrated our fluid management system with our base software so that we could deliver the final product exactly like you want it, and at the exact price you want it to be. Create your Own Exam, with Exam Online. Whether you're managing a sales team, product launch or certification program, Examination online streamlined features will make you more productive by being able to efficiently administer and manage multiple exams. In today's world, that translates into success!

Formula :-Examination online was designed with three key concepts in mind. Make it powerful, make it flexible and most of all, make it easy to use. This winning formula was designed with one thing in mind, you - the user. If software doesn't allow you to do more work in less time, then it hasn't fulfilled its purpose. That's why we built a user-friendly interface that allows you to upload your exams and start administering them in just a few hours. Wow that's fast!

Efficient:- Examination Online `s real-time reporting tools gives you instant access to valuable statistics. It creates reports for senior management at a moment's notice, determining question ranking with the click of a mouse, sorting employee scores, and then graphing data in just seconds. Increase sales, product launche, Fine-tune certifications. That's efficiency. You get a proven solution with a lot of functionality. Best of all, you won't have to worry about backups, upgrades and firewalls. We do all that. That leaves you time to focus on your own projects, not ever-changing technologies.



For AdminManaging Classes Examination online allows you to manage schools, allows you to group your students into classes, manage teachers, manage lesson. Manages Reports Examination Online let you poduce very powerful statistical reports that give you detailed analysis of not only every question, but every question pool and an item analysis of every multiple choice answer. You can filter the results by a specific class such as a sales region and then compare the results to other sales regions. These reports show up to the minute activity so recent results are at your fingertips. You'll see which students completed which exams along with dates and scores.

1Filter students who passed or failed the exam 2.Generate list of students reports for a particular group 3.View students reports who took the exam between 2 dates 4.Export report to PDF or excel 5.Advanced graphs and charts 6.Summary Fixed or Random Question Paper to each candidate 7.Allow/Disallow changing answers once the question has been attempted. time limit for each section, each question, full paper 8.Allow/Disallow saving an exam 9.Display Results options by Screen (Log in and check), Email, SMS 10.Negative Marking Available in various forms 11.Password Protection & Usage Rights for Question Paper 12.Generate Admit Cards / Hall Tickets

For User Managing Exams :-Examination online was created for executive's on-the-go who don't have time to read tedious training manuals. That's why we built a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and editing exams. If you can "cut and paste" and "point and click" you've met all the technical requirements for an instructor account. How it works :-During the exam, Examination Online delivers all questions to the student in random order and scrambles the multiple-choice answers to ensure the integrity of the results.

Summary :- 1.Log in using a specified user name and password. Provide immediate feedback on an item-by-item basis 2.Allow for bookmarking of questions allowing the candidate to highlight items - that he/she wishes to answer at a later time 3.Allow students to comment on items, either during of after the examination. 4.Be able to track time spent per item and overall test time 5.Be able to provide feedback on a per item or per section basis. 6.Save a current exam for a later time. 7.Examination Online can ExamBuilder can pull a designated number of ques tions out of each pool to make up the exam 8.You can generate statistical reports on how an individual did in each Question Pool 9.You can generate statistical reports on how groups of people (i.e., a sales region) did in each Question Pool 10.You can create gap analysis reports for students based on their grade in each .

Question types of the Online Examination System

Multiple Choice:- This question type allows the user to select ONE correct answer Multiple Response :- This question type allows the user to select more than ONE correct answer Fill-in the blanks :- This question type gives the user the opportunity to type in short text answers - More than one blank space can be specified to be filled in by the student. - System caters for multiple spelling variations. - System caters for multiple possible answers. examiner can be used for marking. - Score can be set per answer. Matching :- This question type gives the user the opportunity to match data in columns - The options in the selection box can be matched to more than one option in the column. - Score can be set per match. - The options in the selection box as well as options in the column can be randomised. Free format :- This question type gives the user the opportunity to type an open ended answer - The field shouldn't be limited. - Complete answers can be printed out to be marked by the examiner. - Export answers to .txt or .doc format "Own the code" Solution Requirement Dedicate Server with windows /MSsql 2008 enterprises dedicate IP ,SSL ,Domain



GETTING START Try out for yourself before you buy!.Use Live DEMO before buy  NO MONEY BACK

Below you can see a demo version of the script. We've put some dummy text to show you how different categories and questions are organized. Do not forget to check the administration pageand the search feature.The configuration (system setup) area is not accessible. This is necessary to keep the demo running smoothly. If you would like a free trial to install on your server, you can order NOTE:-The free GESTURE is sponsored by@ copyright GESTURE  Free Software. To remove the "Powered by" links from your script and support development, purchase a GESTURE License! See Price !!

Try out for yourself before you buy!


login as Student user:-demo password:-demo

Admin Area

login asInstitute user:-admin password:-admin12345.

Installing the script:

1) unzip and upload all files in a folder on your website. Please note that you can upload the files in any other folder but we will use "script" folder name in the instructions below.

2) open, where is the domain name for your website. Installation wizard will ask you to complete few steps and will install the script

3) delete "install.php" file

4) login at

To use system you will need a modern browser with JavaScript support enabled. websiteshelter script has been tested on many known browsers

We have very basic server requirements. Basicly every major hosting provider will meet this requirements.We recommend to find cPanel based hosting provider!

Your hosting account should meet script requirements.

Apache Web Server /MySQL (version 4 +)/PHP 5.2.x/Zend Optimizer 3.3 or higher /GD2 Library or higher/Apache mod_rewrite

Enabled PHP5 - curl/Enabled Zlib extension/Register globals OFF/Enabled PHP functions - fopen, fclose, fwrite

if you are not sure your hosting has all this things CHECK YOUR SERVER COMPATIBILITY>>

If you want to check if your server or hosting account is compatible with our scripts, just download this file and upload it to the server where you want to install the script. 


Our customers include established industry leaders who are known worldwide for their forward-looking approach to using service and support automation to gain competitive advantage. These companies understand that as business success increasingly depends on technology; their own success is being shaped by the ability of their employees, customers and partners to quickly resolve problems related to their use of technology anytime and anywhere. From corporate enterprises that want to reduce operating costs, yet help their employees be more productive or keep their customers satisfied More.......



Choose License Type:

Single Web site License USER LICENSE ( install on one Web site) See Price "User Licence" you cannot modify the script and files are encrypted using Zend Guard.

Developer License ( install on ten Web sites) See Price With Developer licence you can download full source codes and use the script on all the websites that you build for your clients. You can even modify the codes and remove our copyright notices so your clients will not know that you bought the product from another company

Hosted solution @ 10 $ Per Domain Per Month ncludes Hosting, Support, Upgrades, All you need is browser. Minimum Tenur is Three year

For a fixed monthly fee, you can use our software . We will keep host & maintain the software and the related data on our servers but provide you a secure access to the customized backend dashboard that will allow you to upload & download . You will be able to utilize the full features of our software with only restriction of owning the source code.Methods of payment >>

If I buy User licence can I later upgrade to Developer licence?
Yes, you can do this at any time. You will only pay the difference between the User and Developer licences.
When will I receive the script?
Immediately after payment. Please make sure to return to our website after paying. You will be given a download link to download the script

One-Year FREE Updates

  • Source Code Free Access  Only at Developer License
  • Low-cost and high quality script
  • Excellent functionality (look at the list of features)
  • New features (review new features)and much more..



1. Custom script Modifications and Coding  Contact us   "Ask about customizing Software to meet YOUR needs "

You can purchase the 'as-is' versions of our scripts or you can also request a custom modification. We use our basic PHP scripts as a base to build on custom scripts exactly how the client see it and do it quickly and professionally. We offer professional programming services and deliver high standard custom solutions and nothing less .Upon request and for a reasonable fee we can do almost all kinds of changes to our products. Contact us !

2. Support and Upgradtion   One-Year FREE Updates thereafter See Price

3. Installation Free One Time

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