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Donate script

paypal donate script

Give your donors the ease of a "Donate Now" button on your website !
PayPal Donate Script is an easy to use PHP based script that can be easily integrated into any web site. You can create your own donation goals and let your website visitors send donations via paypal.


  • Handle donations on website: use this script to handle donations.
  • Multiple payment gateways: PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, Perfect Money, BitPay and Stripe.
  • Accept cryptocurrency – bitcoin: bitcoin payments are accepted through BitPay.
  • Accept major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express: credit cards payments are accepted through Stripe.
  • Minimum donation limit: set minimum donation limit.
  • Unlimited campaigns: handle (create, edit, delete, block, unblock) unlimited number of campaigns.
  • Modern donation form: HTML5 + CSS3, AJAX-ed donation form.
  • Display top donors: script can display top donors.
  • Display recent donors: script can display top donors.
  • Content editor: insert any HTML-content inside of donation box.
  • Secure Admin Panel: configure script and manage data through nice admin panel.
  • Easy to integrate: insert only 3 lines of code into webpage (check out “Installation” paragraph).
  • Cross domain access supported: you can install script on one domain and use it with unlimited number of domains.
  • CSV Export: all donors can be exported as CSV-file.
  • PHP mail() function supported: emails can be sent through mail() function.
  • SMTP supported: emails can be sent through SMTP server.
  •  Multiple donation goals - with just a single installation you can create different donation goal
  •   Fully customize the look of the goals - put goal description, paypal button, progress bar with custom colors 
  • Rich text content usage - using HTML tags you can use bold, italic, underline font, change font family and size, put images and links (URLs) in goals descriptions 
  •   Simple copy/paste to place donation buttons on your web pages - for each goal that you create via the administration page a simple HTML code is being generated. All you need to do is to put that code into any valid web page - PHP, ASP, JSP, HTML, HTM, etc.

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