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Let your website visitors add more Feedback or comments to your website Tetimonials suitable for a business, Company, Portfolio, or hotels any comments reviews website .website as well who wants to display a testimonials on their websites and manage testimonials system without any hassle. With very easy to install steps and easy to use testimonials system via both backend and from end Template works in all the major browsers, and has massive features to use for you to enable or disable the photo of the client of project title , date of the project done and ratings of how the project was done etc. For most of the part you can just follow the codes as guided below for use. You can then login the password protected administration page and manage your comment there.


  • Display Testimonials on any web page

  • Display testimonials randomly selected from database which changes on page refresh.
  • Display All the testimonials on the page with pagination system.
  • Enable / Disable Photo of the client on testimonial.
  • Display all testimonials with jquery cycle plugin which can be switched using next/prev option with fade effect.
  • Rotating Testimonials automatically using fade effect.
  • Rotating Testimonials using click function.
  • Enable of Disable of many features like Date, Project title, Ratings, Photo etc.
  • Captcha protection prevent spam bots from posting on your pages using a captcha image verification on your comment form
  • Approve people comments approve or deny comments before they appear on your web pages
  • Translate it to your language change all the front end messages using the options page in your administration page.
  • Fully customizable using an external css file you can change the appearance of your comments
  • You can then login the password protected administration page and manage your feedbacks there.

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