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Website search scripts

websites search script

This search tool is perfect if you want a quick an easy way to search your dynamic websites. Simply upload the search.php file and make a form on your website like below and you’re done! It couldn’t be easier!DEMO


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Searches all pages on your website (even search multiple websites!)
  • Super fast searching!
  • No database required – even easier to install!
  • Finds matching file names (eg: searching for ‘report’ will find a file called ‘latest report .doc‘)
  • Finds matches in HTML META tags
  • Finds matches in url’s (eg: searching for ‘products’ will find a file called ‘/website/my- products .html‘)
  • It will even search INSIDE PDF DOCUMENTS!
  • The results are sorted by relevance in a page-by-page view similar to Google.
  • The text that displays under each search result is trimmed to a certain length so it fits on the page nicely.
  • Any matching keywords in the results are highlighted so the user can see why that result was returned.
  • Advanced users:
    A custom callback function is included so you can insert your own results in with normal HTML results (eg: by querying a database of products for a match). This makes for great search integration between different products on an existing website.

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