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user managment scripts

User Mangment system

Login, Registration, Password Reset, Lost User Name, Lost Activation, Role based Page Security, User Profiles, Complete User Account/Credentials Management Back-End, PayPal Subscriptions Manager for Premium Membership, Subscription Coupons, Protected Digital Downloads, Plus ++ Bonus Addons: File Explorer, Data Driven Menu System, and a Dynamic, Multi-Level User Feedback that can be used as a PHP /MySQL Website Starter Kit or as an integrated application in your already existing site with all the page security and user management features already built


Description: PHP User Management SystemUser ManagementCreate as many members as you want. You can assign user groups to members and give them access to different sections on your website. 
Description: User Management System with Password Protected AdminPassword Protected AdminThe script provides you with an easy and password secured access to the user management system and the login script options. 
Description: User Login Script Easy InstallationEasy InstallationUpload the script files onto your hosting account, run the install wizard and an installation file will install the script for you. 
Description: Member Login Script with Separate IntegrationsSeparate IntegrationsYou can have login form, registration form and logout link integrated on a different web pages. 
Description: Member Login Script with Account Confirmation FeatureAccount ConfirmationEnable or disable account confirmation. No programming experience needed to use the member login script back-end. 
Description: PHP Login Script with Password Recovery FunctionForgotten PasswordPassword recovery function is available. Members who has forgotten their passwords will be able to recover them. 
Description: PHP User Login with File Download FeatureFile DownloadAllow access to files only for a certain user group. Only those members who are authorized to access the files can download them. 
Description: Translate and Customize User Login ScriptTranslate & CustomizeTranslate your user login script simply by editing an external language file. With aDeveloper Licence you can customize the  scripts

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