Product customization, new project development

Why choose us?

• Free quote and project discussion 
• Affordable prices 
• Better quality and higher work speed 
• A personal manager to consult you and keep you informed of the work progress 
• Various ways of contact with project manager: chat, phone or email 
• Over 10 years in IT business 
• Extended portfolio (and that’s just the top of the iceberg) 
• Programming experience isn’t necessary at all. Explain your idea of the project and let the gurus do the rest 
• Legal documents available upon request (custom development agreement, transfer and acceptance acts, etc.) 

Why do you need it?

software products help increase your business opportunities, attract new people and retain valuable customers. Our customization team can make your site unique.

Your ideas converted into new features:

— Software functionality modified upon your request. 
— Menu modifications. 
— Changes in registration process and search logics. 
— New modules development. 
— Integrating payment gateways and many more... 
View stages of Custom Development process!

1. Project discussion

After our Custom Development Team receives your request, you get one of our Project managers assigned to you and involve into communication to settle all the details of desired functionality. During discussion of project specification our Project manager will help you to make an exact list of requirements which will include every detail that is necessary to create.

After all details are settled, the Project manager provides you with the cost estimation of your project and the timeframe for performing custom programming. The estimation of cost is made on per hour basis; 1 hour of work costs 40 USD. Please note that preliminary discussion of your project is free of charge.

Upon your agreement, we issue an invoice for you to make a payment for the project and sign a custom development agreement. According to our policy, 100% of the project development cost is paid beforehand. In cases of big and complex projects the development can be carried out on our sandbox server with 50% of cost paid as advance payment and the other 50% paid after the project is complete and before it is uploaded to your server. Payment can be made online with a credit card, via wire transfer, Western Union or another way of payment which you and the Project manager agree on.

2. Project development

After we receive the payment, your Project manager sets a task with a detailed specification of the required modifications, and our developer starts working on the project.

Whether the development is carried on your server or on our server, please make sure no other changes are applied to your site until developer finishes the requested modifications, otherwise they may come in conflict with the development process and affect the proper functionality of your existing site.

During development, our Project managers are available via email, phone and Live Chat for any comments or questions from your side.

3. Project handover

After completing the modifications our developer and Project manager carefully test the new features and functionality, inform you on the development completion and wait for your approval and possible comments.

If the development is carried out on our server, we make sure everything is working, and after we receive the remaining part of the project cost, the project is uploaded to your site.

If there is nothing else to code, test and verify, we sign a handover statement and the whole project is considered complete.

Important! Complex and extensive code changes in Pilot Group software products made during custom development services may impact negatively on further upgradeability of these products. Automatic upgrade procedure may not be possible and upgrade packs may have to be applied manually (this process requires some technical skills from the customer). However, it's always possible to order the transfer of all custom modifications to the latest version of the software product from our company. The time and cost of such transfer may vary depending on each individual case.

Website design services:

— Creating original design from scratch following your specific requirements. 
— Flash animation including flash intro, ads, banners, etc. 
— Logo design. 
— Custom graphics and artwork. 

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