Website Ranking and Keyword Analyzer

Generate and test which keywords have weak competition in searches. Then use our keyword research tool to optimize your websites pages for optimal ranking in search engines. 

you get the following keyword analysis and promotion tools:

  • Position check: Track and position check website ranking for search keywords in search engines.
  • Analyze competition: Analyze organic and paid search competition. Backlinks, keywords, pagerank etc.
  • Keyword suggestion: Query online search engines and keyword suggestion tools to get new keywords.
  • Keyword lists: Create and expands lists of keywords. Easily combine lists into new sets of keyword phrases.
  • Keyword density: Analyze keyword density of pages. Adjust keyword importance for titles, headers, text etc.
  • Online keyword tools: Integration between keyword research and online keyword tools for SEMSEO and PPC.
  • Export keywords data: Website keyword research data can be exported as XML or CSV perfect for e.g. Excel.

Track and view website position improvements visually in graphs. Analyse search keywords and determine strength of competing websites in search engine result pages (SERPs) for factors such as backlinks, keyword optimization, page titles etc. Analyze web pages for weighted keyword density to better optimize titles and headers. Build, combine and tune keywords lists for pay per click (PPC) campaigns in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.