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B2B (business-to-business) companies that primarily sell products or provide services to other businesses


B2C (business-to-consumer) companies are those firms that sell products or provide services primarily to end-user consumers


Bounce email messages (or failed Delivery Status Notifications) erroneously sent to a domain whose name has been forged as the sender of spam. Using SPF on your mail server should reduce backscatter.


A copy of your website’s files, directories, databases, and email configurations. Keeping a backup copy of your website on your personal computer is a wise precaution.


The amount of information that can be transmitted over a network such as the Internet in a specific amount of time


The amount of data transferred to and from a web server. Every time a visitor views a file (whether it’s a web page, image, video, or audio file), that file has to be transferred to the visitor’s computer. Bandwidth is the total size of all these files transferred to your visitors’ computers. It is important to keep track of bandwidth usage, as it is limited by web hosts.


Images which appear on a website, often as advertisements at the top or bottom of a page. Often, banners alternate with each successive visit to the page.

Bayes Testing (aka Bayesian Spam Filtering):

Bayesian spam filtering is a method of filtering spam based on statistics. This method uses tokens, generally words, found in emails to determine whether or not an incoming message is spam. This filtering technique relies on Bayesian statistics.
Bayesian classifiers work by correlating the use of tokens (typically words, or sometimes other things), with spam and non spam e-mails and then using Bayesian statistics to calculate a probability that an email is or is not spam.


Blacklists are created lists of IP addresses belonging to organizations that have been identified as senders of SPAM or unsolicited commercial email. Blacklists are often used by ISPs and corporations as part of the filtering process that determines which IP addresses they prohibit from sending mail to their members/users

BoxTrapper Blacklist:

A list of email addresses from which incoming mail will be automatically blocked. cPanel automatically sends a configurable warning message upon receipt of mail from a blacklisted address. See also BoxTrapper Ignore List and Whitelist.

BoxTrapper Ignore List:

A list of email addresses from which incoming mail will be blocked. cPanel does not send a warning message upon receipt of mail from an ignored address. See also BoxTrapper Blacklist and Whitelist.

BoxTrapper Whitelist:

A list of email addresses from which incoming mail will automatically be accepted. See also BoxTrapper Ignore List and Blacklist.


An application included with cPanel that filters spam by requiring would-be senders to reply to a verification email (also known as challenge-response verification). Only after the sender is verified through the reply will his or her original email be accepted.


Formerly, a minor version of cPanel. (These are now referred to as Release Tiers).