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Email Blocking

Email blocking typically refers to blocking by ISPs or mail providers. Emails that are blocked are not processed through the ISP and are essentially prevented from reaching their actual recipient. ISPs actively block email coming from suspected spammers.

Email Client

An application used to send, receive, store and view email. Popular email clients include Outlook, Mac Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a message that is sent out to subscribers typically on a regular interval. Email newsletters may be sent daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually. The content of email newsletters varies with each edition. Some email newsletters are so popular that they can sell advertising space.

Email Service Provider

Email Service Providers (ESPs) are companies like EliteEmail.com that offer a service enabling a user to send permission-based email marketing campaigns to their subscribers. They are usually software-as-a-service providers (saas) who offer their services in an online fashion, although there are desktop software solutions as well.

Entropy Banner Manager:

A script, included with cPanel, that lets you manage rotating banner images on your website.

Entropy Search:

A script, included with cPanel, that creates a search engine for your website.

Error Pages:

These pages display warning messages when visitors encounter problems while trying to access your site. cPanel lets you configure the error messages that display for your site. For an in-depth look at HTTP error codes, please visit our HTTP error codes documentation.


An ezine is an electronic magazine emailed to a list of subscribers. In many cases, advertisers pay to have their ad (text or HTML) inserted into the body of the email. Buying ad space in an ezine, or sponsoring a specific article or segment allows an advertiser to reach a targeted audience.