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GESTUREprovides support for Microsoft Access databases. Microsoft Access is a popular, easy-to-use desktop database application. Microsoft Access database files (.mdb) can be used with web hosting as an inexpensive way to add a dynamic database-driven capability to your site. Infuseweb provides support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 depending on your plan. MS SQL Server is very powerful and highly recommended over Microsoft Access for high usage sites. You can easily create MS SQL databases through the Helm control panel and administer them by connecting from your desktop with Enterprise Manager or SQL Management Studio software (available free from Microsoft) or you can use our MyLittleAdmin online MS SQL editor. Infuseweb is proud to provide you with the MyLittleAdmin online editor for editing your MS SQL databases. You can edit data, create tables, manage relationships, and do almost anything you can do in SQL Management Studio but all online. For more information on MyLittleAdmin please visit www.mylittletools.com. Infuseweb provides support for MySQL 4 and MySQL 5 databases. MySQL is a powerful database that's becoming increasingly popular, especially with PHP users. This number reflects the number of MySQL databases you can create for your site. Your Infuseweb-hosted MySQL database can easily be created through the Helm control panel and edited through our PHPMyAdmin online database editor. This is the maximum number of Data Source Names (DSNs) you can create to connect to your databases. DSNs are a simple, "friendly" ways to call databases from your scripts. Our trouble ticket and online support system is available 24/7 online so if you have an issue at 3 AM and our phone support isn't available, just submit a ticket and we'll get to it as quickly as we can. We try to respond to support tickets in under 12 hours (usually much less) during normal business hours and within 24 hours on weekends and holidays, unless it's an emergency in which case we try to work your issue as quickly as we can. A powerful, open source shopping cart application that can be easily installed with one click. For more information, visit http://www.oscommerce.com. Allows you to restrict access to a specific folder in your web site. When a user visits a pasword protected directory, they will see a popup login box. Any files contained within a protected folder are not accessible until a user logs in. You can define individual users, groups and directories to protect. With our SmarterMail e-mail software, you can now synchronize your Windows-Mobile or Blackberry PDA's with your e-mail account using the downloadable sync software.

GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard):

 A suite of tools used for data encryption and signing. These tools are most commonly used for signing emails. For more information, see the GnuPG website.


A program which compresses files for quick transfer. The compressed files use the filename extension .gz.