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Mailing List

A groups of email addresses designated for receiving specific email messages. A quality mailing list should all be double opt-in.

Mailing List:

A list of email addresses which list members can use to communicate. Alternatively, such a list can be used to send email messages to a large group of people. cPanel uses a program called Mailman for mailing list software; for more information, please see its website, http://www.list.org.

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Type:

Now called an Internet media type, this component of a file identifies the file type, so that web browsers know how to handle it. cPanel lets you specify which application should be used to open files with a given extension.

Multi-Part MIME Email

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is an Internet standard for the format of email. Almost all email is transmitted in MIME format. This means that two versions of the email are sent, one graphical/HTML and one just text. The appropriate version is then displayed to the recipient based on the recipient's email client preferences.

MX (Mail eXchanger) Entry:

A record that specifies where email should be sent for a domain. If you are using an email scanning service or custom mail delivery, you may need to change the MX record for your domain.


A relational database management tool and server. Databases are an integral part of web applications such as bulletin boards and blogs. cPanel provides an integrated MySQL interface as well as a MySQL database editing tool called phpMyAdmin.