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Web Browser:

An application used to view and interact with sites and pages on the World Wide Web. Examples include Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, and Safari®.

Web Disk:

A feature of cPanel that lets you manipulate your web files by dragging and dropping, just as you do on your local computer’s operating system.

Web Friendly Fonts

Almost all web browsers and email clients are capable of displaying four primary fonts properly: Verdana, Times, Arial, and Helvetica, including their variants (Arial Narrow, Times New Roman, etc.) If a web developer or email marketer decides to use a different font he or she risks compatibility problems and the potential that their pages/emails may render inaccurately when viewed by these people.

Web Root:

The top-most directory of your website (namely, public_html or www), inside which all of the files and subdirectories for your website reside.

Web Server:

A program, such as Apache, which receives requests from clients (web browsers), retrieves the requested web pages, and “serves” them to the clients

Webalizer, The:

 A program that displays various statistics for your website using tables and graphs. Full documentation for The Webalizer can be found at its creators’ website: http://www.webalizer.com.


Any application which allows you to access your email through a web browser. The main advantage to webmail is the ability to access your email account from any computer connected to the Internet without having to install or configure a specific mail program.


Whitelists are lists of commercial emailers (including ESPs like EliteEmail.com) who have been approved to send mail through the ISP. The ISP requires a list of IP addresses that email will be sent from, and in some cases a test period where the commercial emailer will be approved or rejected. Many email clients allow a person to add a sender to a 'trusted list', which is similiar to a whitelist at the user level.

WHM (WebHost Manager®):

Companion software to cPanel, designed for web hosts, resellers, and system administrators.


For the purposes of cPanel, www is a link to the directory that holds the files that make up your website (/public_html).