Account-Level Filter:

A rule that determines where email, delivered to a domain's main email account and meeting certain criteria, will be delivered. See also Filter.


A record for accessing privatized information. For example, your cPanel account lets you manage your website. In cPanel, other instances of the term “account” occur in email and FTP.

Addon Domain:

An additional domain name associated with your cPanel account. Each addon domain is stored in its own directory which you can configure. This allows you to manage multiple domains from a single cPanel account. Addon domains must be registered with a domain name registrar to work.


A program that provides information about the visitors to your website in both graphical and statistical views. More information about Analog can be found at its website:

Anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP allows anyone to FTP files to and from your website without any access restrictions. We do not support anonymous FTP due to the potential misuse of anonymous user accounts for Warez, viruses, and other malicious files.

Anonymous FTP:

A process where by visitors without FTP accounts may upload and download files to and from your site. Although it poses security risks, anonymous FTP can be convenient if you wish to make files publicly available for downloading. When setting up anonymous FTP, it is important to protect any sensitive information by changing file permissions and directory access permissions.

Apache Handler:

A means of telling the Apache software how to process a given type of file. By default, Apache only handles certain file types. You can configure Apache handlers for other file types using cPanel. For more information, see Apache's handler documentation.

Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server is an open source HTTP web server for Unix platforms (BSD, GNU/Linux, and UNIX systems), Microsoft Windows, and other platforms. The Apache HTTP Server is developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation.


A program that receives requests from web browsers. It then responds by “serving” web pages to the browsers; for this reason, it’s called web server software.

ASP Upload

ASP Upload is an ASP/.NET upload component you can use in your scripts. Please visit for more.


ASP.NET AJAX extensions have been installed on all web servers so you can take advantage of the latest AJAX features on your .NET-enabled web site.


ASPImage is an image manipulation component you can use to resize images on the fly and much more. For more, please visit


ASPJpeg is an excellent on-the-fly image resize component for users of ASP and .NET. Please visit for more.

Microsoft's quickly growing replacement for ASP scripting, .NET, is a powerful scripting language allowing developers to incorporate programming from C, C#, VB, and other languages. Many newer off-the-shelf applications are now being built in ASP.NET instead of ASP, and it is a popular language among hardcore developers. Infuseweb supports .NET, .NET 2, and .NET 3.5 and this support is included in all hosting plans.

Now install the free ASP Poll polling system on your website as easily as clicking a button. ASPPoll enables you to create quick polls for visitors of your site. For more information click here to visit the ASP Poll web site.

Install a simple online photo gallery with just a single click. For more information, visit


A process for confirming the identity of someone with whom you want to share sensitive information. On the web, authentication usually involves either a username and password set or a public/private key pair.

Auto Responder:

Auto responders allow you to automate replies to incoming email. In cPanel, this feature can be useful for confirming the receipt of mail, or for informing correspondents that the recipient is unavailable (for example, while on vacation).


When an email recipient is "Out of the Office" or "Away on Vacation" they often set up an automated reply message alerting the sender to this fact. Some auto-replies are setup at the server level while others take place in the person's email client


Autoresponders allow you to set up an automated response to any mail that comes into your POP mailbox. For example, when you go on vacation, you could turn your autoresponder on with a custom message saying "I'm out of town and will be back Monday". It's also useful for businesses that want to automatically let their customers know they've received a sales inquiry.

AWStats (Advanced Web Statistics):

A program that provides information about the visitors to your website in both graphical and statistical views. More information about AWStats can be found at its website: