Landing Page

A page on a website that is linked to an email for the purpose of providing additional information directly related to products/ services promoted in the email. Many marketers use specialized landing pages when they use email or search engine advertising.


A visitor who uses another person’s password to access a restricted area of a website. cPanel allows you to prevent leeching by redirecting likely offenders or disabling accounts whose passwords have been compromised.


A term for an old software program or computer system that is still in use.


Text links or images that when clicked or pasted into a browser send the person to another online location, such as a web page, PDF file, etc. To be most effective in encouraging clicks, links should be visible and clear

Load Time

The length of time it takes for a page or email to open completely in the browser window. The goal is to have the fastest load time possible. Large images increase the overall load time.

Local Host:

An easy way to refer to the computer that you are currently working on.
Log: A file, automatically created by the server, that records activities performed by or on the server. For instance, error logs are lists of errors that visitors have encountered on your site.