A feature that allows you to send visitors who try to access one URL to another URL. cPanel allows you to set up either temporary or permanent redirects. Redirects are useful when you change the URL of a page on your website. You can put up a redirect at the old URL to make sure your visitors are automatically sent to the new URL.


A web page which links to your site; also called an “HTTP referer.” This spelling is the industry standard term, though it is based on a misspelling of “referrer.”

Release Tiers:

These exist in four types which are, in order from least to most stable, EDGE, CURRENT, RELEASE, and STABLE. Please visit our documentation on cPanel versions and the release process for an in-depth discussion of Release Tiers.

Rental List

A list of prospects or a targeted cluster of recipients who have opted-in to receive information about specific subjects. Using permission-based rental lists, marketers can send email campaigns to audiences targeted by interest category, profession, demographics, location and more. Renting a list usually costs between $.10 and $.40 per name, although prices to vary. It is important your rental list is a certified permission-based, opt-in list. Permission-based lists are rented, not sold. Be very careful you don't get scammed!


1) Specific to Unix and Unix-based systems, the system account, used by a system administrator, that carries full privileges for configuring a computer system. Also called “superuser.” 2) The highest level directory in a Unix or Unix-based system, usually notated by a forward slash (/).


An algorithm for generating public and private keys when sending encrypted data between a local machine and a remote machine. The name of this method is not an abbreviation; it is named after its three inventors.