Originally derived from “Tape Archive,”a program that collates files for transfer or distribution. Files processed by this program are usually compressed, commonly called “tarballs,” and use the filename extension .tar. Due to the compression commonly used, .tar often precedes the .gz file extension.


A file collated by the tar program, and usually compressed.


Choosing a selective audience or group of individuals likely to be interested in a certain product or service. Targeting is very important for an email marketer because targeted and relevant email campaigns generally return a higher open rate and result in fewer unsubscribes.


A network protocol that allows a user to log into a remote machine user account remotely. Telnet is similar to SSH, but less secure. Telnet should not be used to connect to your web site except for testing purposes. Login information is sent through Telnet as plain text and can be easily intercepted.


A version of an image file that is reduced in size, allowing for easy viewing of multiple images. cPanel includes a Thumbnailer tool as part of its Image Manager section.


A cPanel tool that automatically sizes down all the images in a directory. The new thumbnails are stored in a subdirectory named */Thumbnails, where * is meant to represent the parent directory containing the original images.