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Tools Section ads

  •  Can I display mobile ads on my site?

Yes you can add ads to your mobile website.  Go to the ‘Ads’ feature in the Tools area and select

an Ad provider and enter in the relevant information. In the ‘Advanced Options’ area you can

select where you want to position the ad on your site.


  •  What mobile ad platform providers do you support?

The following Ad platform providers are supported

o  Adfonic - adfonic.com/

o  Google Adsense - google.com/adsense

o  Mojiva - www.mojiva.com/

o  Smaato - www.smaato.com/


  •  Can I display mobile ads on any page/feature of my site

Yes, via the ‘Ads’ feature you can select to add ads to all pages of your site, just the home page or just the subpages?  In features that have a WYSIWYG editor you can click the relevant ad icon and insert the details required and insert ads from the ad platform provider.

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