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Technical issues – Resellers perspective

How are we billed for Mobile Website activations?

A Monthly invoice will be delivered at month end for all new subscriptions created during the month, and renewals occurring during the month. The billed period is specified via the API when identifying the sale: for example, if a one year subscription is sold, dotMobi will bill for one year. Please review the billing rules document.


  • What marketing materials / support is available to me as a reseller to help sell the Mobile Website product?

dotMobi has prepared a wide range of marketing materials that make it easy for a reseller to educate its customers about the benefit of mobilizing their business, and how this is easily accomplished through a Mobile Website subscription. Some examples of available marketing materials include (but are not limited to) sample product pages, sales pages, educational videos, brochures and datasheets.


  • If a customer wants to discontinue the service mid-term how is the billing affected? And do we have to create a report every month?

The full subscription period will have been billed by dotMobi at the start of a subscription. No

refund is offered for a customer discontinuing mid-term.


  •  Will dotMobi provide reports or statistics on a regular basis?

dotMobi provides you with access to an Admin Tool, which provides details of your Mobile Website subscriptions. This allows functions such as the download of a .csv file of current subscriptions, to facilitate the use of the data in other applications. Please contact your Mobile Website account manager for your Admin Tool credentials.


  •  Can we redirect our customers to dotMobi in case of any questions?

dotMobi respects the special relationship between the Reseller and its customers. As part of the

Mobile Website reseller agreement, the Reseller is responsible for providing support to their customers for any aspect related to their Mobile Website subscription. dotMobi provides a clear escalation path so that it is possible for Resellers to obtain answers to the customer's questions they are not able to answer directly, and then easily relay the answers to their customers.

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