How do I send you my manuscript?

After placing your order, just send it to me as an attachment to an email. If you need help with this, let me know and I'll help you do it. 2. What format should I send it in?

Any text or word processing format is fine. Word documents work the best. The less formatting you do to the actual manuscript, the better!!! Don't try to design it yourself in your word processing program. Don't add columns, or text boxes (text boxes are a real no-no!!) and if there are illustrations, just mark where they are to be inserted. It's best not to embed graphics into your document. Send all graphics as separate files. The point is, since I will be designing your ebook - every page - the less I have to undo, the better. The less formatting you do, the better the end result will be, and the faster I can get it back to you.


It's best to start with a clean slate. Of course, We want to know where your paragraphs are, and where your chapters start and stop, but keep all other formatting to a minimum. (These are not "rules" - they are just my preferences. Bottom line is - I can work with just about anything that you submit!)


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