Do I get the designed Word document?

Yes, you can choose to get the designed Word document returned to you. Please note, though, that the designed Word document is part of the creative process, and is the actual software source file. Thus, the design portion of the document will be protected from change or alteration. You will be able to make your copy changes, save the document and print or compile it as you wish. You are not purchasing the source files, you are contracting for design services. This is no different from any other software situation. For example, you may purchase Word, but you don't get the program's source code from Microsoft. You purchase the right to use the program, not ownership of it. Same with this - you are purchasing the right to use the designs I create - you do not own them.

Give me your manuscript, and I'll give you back a professionally designed and compiled ebook to be proud of - ready to go!

Does all that sound expensive? Well, it usually is - a graphic designer would charge $50 per hour (or more!) just to do the design! And, that doesn't include doing the actual work of formatting, layout, and compiling! Editors charge about the same for proofreading and editing. Right now I'm offering a very special deal... at a fraction of what you'd pay for these services individually. I'll design and create an ebook - for as low as $79! Some of you have spent that much just on your ebook cover! Doesn't the inside of your ebook deserve as much care as the outside?

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