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Multi-lingual Support

  •  What does this feature mean to me?

Your mobile site can now be accessed in several languages to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses around the world.


o  What languages are available?

US English, UK English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch, Japanese,

Russian, Italian and Chinese (Simplified).


o  Can I change the language of the Control Panel?

Yes, choose your language you want the Control Panel to be displayed in from the drop

down menu at the top of the Control Panel. This will result in the reload of the Control

Panel in the language selected. It will not affect the mobile site.


o  Can I also change the language of my mobile website?

Yes, via the Language & Region feature on the Design tab of the Control Panel.


o  Will this affect text I have already added to my Mobile site?

No, it will only affect the default text. Any content you add can be in any language you


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