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Can I add Menu’s to my mobile site?

Yes, via the ‘Menu’ feature in the feature section of the ‘Control Panel’ you can create a custom menu or pull content from a menu that is already online using https://locu.com/. Users who do not have their menu listed with https://locu.com/ have the option to signup free online.


  •  How do I create a custom menu?

Select the ‘Menu’ feature within the feature section of the ‘Control Panel’. There are three preformatted categories [appetizers, main courses, and deserts] to act as a prompt.  These options can be renamed or removed by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon or the red ‘x’ icon. Additional categories can be added as needed, you can also reorder items within each category using the drag and drop icon.  If you have added prices you have the option to display a currency symbol.


  •  Can I change the order of items within each menu category?

Yes, simply select the category that you want to make changes to and reorder items using the drag and drop icon.


  •  Can customers link to the Booking request feature from the menu?

Yes, you can add a link to the ‘Booking request’ feature so that site visitors can make a reservation directly from the menu. Select the ‘Add a link to Booking Request feature’ when you are creating your custom menu. The ‘Booking request’ feature needs to be activated and added to the site.



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