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Contact Form, plusGoogle Map Over Email
Contact Form provides users with the quickest and less distractable way to contact you immediately when a question pops in mind.


Feedback Form
you can easily create web forms and encourage visitors to contact you, send feedback, files or book dates

Gesture Chat Lite

Gesture Chat integrates easily into your website and provides a mobile-friendly way to interface with your customers. Chat is web based and can be used from almost any computer or mobile device
Instant Notification via Text or E-mail
Auto Scrolling Chat Window
Audible Message Alerts
Automatic Archiving (History)
Mobile-friendly Administration Panel
Customizable Chat Window
Customizable Automatic Greeting
Auto focus on Message Box
Ready for iOS Web App Integration
One-sided HTML Support (admin can send html, customer cannot)
Online / Offline Mode with Away Message
Instant online visitors list You can view online visitors to your website instantly and send them any message.
Visitor location With the help of extrenal free API you can check the expected location of visitors. API details are written in config file of script.
Receive offline message When you are not logged in the script then your visitors can send you offline message.
History You can check all visitors history with visitor location detail, last web page visited and chat history or offline message.
Chat with unlimited visitors There is no limit to chat with number of visitors instantly.
Create unlimited operators You can add unlimited operators who can provide online support to your visitors.
Operator photo instead of icon By default script shows operator icon but every operator can add their photo path to show on your webpage. its increase more chance to start visitor conversation.

Invoice Plus

Invoice Plus is a professionally developed online invoice creator designed to meet the need of a simple billing and invoicing software for your business. Our online invoice management software will give you all the flexibility and the convenience needed to focus on your current business tasks while having a fully functional invoice maker and client database at hand.

Ticket Support

Ticket Support System is an online PHP / MySQL based script used to process your clients requests. You will not have to worry about 2 or more people replying to the same email messages because with Ticket Support System multiple support operators can reply to clients' questions without overwriting each others replies.
we can do any change to our script. Just let us know what you need added or removed and we will do it for you for a reasonable fee.