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Give a rest to your thinking because you are at the right place. ExamKiosk is a powerful web based online exam software which enables educators, professionals & survey organizers to manage their questions & conduct an online exam.
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    Biuld your career on Exam kiosk with hudred of courses and thousand of exams. Make score and get a certificate of demonstation of your knowledge.File uploads, Smiley features, sound effects combined with super clean interface offers the best support experience you'll ever need!.
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    Exam Kiosk is a leader in Online Certification and Skill Testing and offers an affordable and efficient way for people to prove their expertise.! What is more portable than the World Wide Web? Access your clients from anywhere, anytime. Even on your friends computer or in cybercaffe! .
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    It never ends! We release new updates every month! Get started today with a free course program! .Ready in less than 5 minutes! Just upload it to your webserver, run the installer and you are ready to serve some customers.
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