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Realtime Responses To obtain direct assistance! seamless integration with your website

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Chat integrates easily into your website and provides a mobile-friendly way to interface with your customers. Quack Chat is web based and can be used from almost any computer or mobile device some link.

Realtime Responses To obtain direct assistance! OR try a DEMO first


  • A modern browser
  • Apache or Windows IIS web server
  • PHP 5.2.x or later configured on your server
  • MySQL 5
  • PDO-MySQL extension support in your PHP build
  • Instant Notification via Text or E-mail
  • AutoScrolling Chat Window
  • Audible Message Alerts
  • Automatic Archiving (History)
  • Mobile-friendly Administration Panel
  • Customizable Chat Window
  • Customizable Automatic Greeting
  • Auto focus on Message Box
  • Ready for iOS Web App Integration
  • One-sided HTML Support (admin can send html, customer cannot)
  • Online / Offline Mode with Away Message
  • Instant online visitors list You can view online visitors to your website instantly and send them any message.
  • Visitor location With the help of extrenal free API you can check the expected location of visitors. API details are written in config file of script.
  • Receive offline message When you are not logged in the script then your visitors can send you offline message.
  • History You can check all visitors history with visitor location detail, last web page visited and chat history or offline message.
  • Chat with unlimited visitors There is no limit to chat with number of visitors instantly.
  • Create unlimited operators You can add unlimited operators who can provide online support to your visitors.
  • Operator photo instead of icon By default script shows operator icon but every operator can add their photo path to show on your webpage. its increase more chance to start visitor conversation.

You can remove back link and our brand name easily. No domain name restriction.We provide 100% source code without any encryption. you can fully customize it.

Websiteshelter Scripts is tested on Apache2 WebServer and Windows IIS 6.0, configured with PHP 5.2.x Library and above. Websiteshelter online websystem system was especially designed on default (out of the box) compiled servers to guarantee the best performance on most of the known hosting accounts. Buy.

We provide professional and rather inexpensive services of custom development. We will be happy to develop practically any kind of updates, as well as additional plug-ins for the iGiveTest system.

  • PHP 5X.
  • MYSQL.
  • Java Enable.
  • Support All Brouser

Installing the script: 1) unzip and upload all files in a folder on your website. Please note that you can upload the files in any other folder but we will use "script" folder name in the instructions below. 2) open https://www.REPLACEYOURWEBSITE.com/script/install.php, where www.REPLACEYOURWEBSITE.com is the domain name for your website. Installation wizard will ask you to complete few steps and will install the script 3) delete "install.php" file 4) login at https://www.REPLACEYOURWEBSITE.com/script/admin.php To use system you will need a modern browser with JavaScript support enabled. websiteshelter script has been tested on many known browsers We have very basic server requirements. Basicly every major hosting provider will meet this requirements.We recommend to find cPanel based hosting provider!

GETTING START Try out for yourself before you buy!.Use Live DEMO before buy NO MONEY BACK Below you can see a demo version of the script. We've put some dummy text to show you how different categories and questions are organized. Do not forget to check the administration pageand the search feature.The configuration (system setup) area is not accessible. This is necessary to keep the demo running smoothly.

  • login as Student user:-demo@example.com password:-demo123 admin : admin@example.com password :- admin123
  • To remove the "Powered by" links from your script and support development, purchase a GESTURE License! See Price !.
Demo Softwareclick here

Modification-AddOn 1. Custom script Modifications and Coding Contact us "Ask about customizing Software to meet YOUR needs " You can purchase the 'as-is' versions of our scripts or you can also request a custom modification. We use our basic PHP scripts as a base to build on custom scripts exactly how the client see it and do it quickly and professionally. We offer professional programming services and deliver high standard custom solutions and nothing less .Upon request and for a reasonable fee we can do almost all kinds of changes to our products. Contact us ! 2. Support and Upgradtion One-Year FREE Updates thereafter See Price 3. Installation Free One Time Your suggestions team values your feedback and product suggestions. This is why we created this website section where you can share your thoughts with us and others. We read and take into consideration every suggestion received. Become part of our R&D team, start suggesting ! WEB IDEAS