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The term "search engine" is often used generically to describe both crawler-based search engines and human-powered directories. These two types of search engines gather their listings in radically different ways.

Crawler-Based Search Engines Crawler-based search engines, such as Google, create their listings automatically. They "crawl" or "spider" the web, then people search through what they have found.If you change your web pages, crawler-based search engines eventually find these changes, and that can affect how you are listed. Page titles, body copy and other elements all play a role.

Human-Powered Directories A human-powered directory, such as the Open Directory, depends on humans for its listings. You submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review. A search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted.

"Hybrid Search Engines" Or Mixed Results In the web's early days, it used to be that a search engine either presented crawler-based results or human-powered listings. Today, it is extremely common for both types of results to be presented.

The Parts Of A Crawler-Based Search Engine Crawler-based search engines have three major elements. First is the spider, also called the crawler. The spider visits a web page, reads it, and then follows links to other pages within the site.

Our premium packages include...check price• Website review and custom optimization analysis
• Quick listing express submissions to the top search engines
• Custom keyword research
• Optimized title and meta tags
• Submission to 75,000+ search engines and directories
• Safe follow-up re-submissions
• Detailed ranking reports
• Helpful professional support

Welcome to your one-stop shop for webmaster resources. we offer over 100+ useful webmaster tools to help you optimize and improve your website. Use our tools to improve traffic, boost your search engine rankings, validate web documents and much more! There's so many possibilities with WebmasterTools. Subscribe now for full access.Website Analysis


Pay Per Click


PPC is definitely an web advertising model which enables the visitors to go to the preferred website. Nowadays, search engines like google are playing an important role on the internet. An online surfer is merely needed to connect a keyword or perhaps a phrase and internet search engine shows all of the relevant results. Within this competitive and harsh scenario, nearly every company is performing a PPC campaign that concentrates upon getting relevant visitors to the web site via PPC engines about the Ppc basis..
Undeniably, PPC is really a highly lucrative method with the help of which a recently created website can receive relevant traffic instantly. Ppc (PPC) advertising with Seo (Search engine optimization) is quickly being a lethal tool to promote any web site on the web.
Today just about all popular search engines like google like Google (Adwords), Yahoo (Overture) and MSN (adCentre) are providing Ppc (PPC) services for their clients.  Our Online Marketing and  Internet Marketing  services include  Search engine optimization Content/ Copywriting, Seo, Ppc (PPC) , Link Recognition Campaign, Email and E-newsletter Campaign, etc. .  Our unique technology, many years of experience and knowledge of market enables us to supply the finest services and methods to cater your ppc (PPC) advertising.

NOTE: Fees paid to gesture do not include monthly click charges that will be billed directly to you by Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter or any other Pay Per Click Engine selected by Client. The charges specified in Table are based on per search engine and per website. NOTE:
1) Image Ads: Upto 2 modicfications only.
2) Landing Page Consultation: Suggestions/Advice on existing landing pages. If required we are to create landing page then it will attract seperate charges.



Website Analytic

 Displays the statistics in real-time (auto update)
·  Top Pages (Shows the most visitated pages)
·  Top Browsers (Show what browser uses the visitors)
·  Top Country’s (Show from where the visitors come) (Chart included)
·  Top Operating System (Show the visitors operating systems)
·  Top Best referrers (Show wich websites are the best referrers)
·  Top used resolution (Show’s the resolution of the visitors – e.g. 1280?800)
·  Top Search engines
·  The latest 10 visitors (or more) (This mod is based on Mark’s mode but with the ip’s and country’s included in the databse for speed, and another ip render).
·  The best keywords (Show wich keyword are the most used by the visitors that land on the monitorised website)
·  Traffic type comparisons: Compares different type of traffic wich was delivered to the website.
·  Traffic comparisons: Displays comparisons charts and % of the traffic.
·  Graphs and charts on every statistic page.
·  Cross-browser compatible.
·  Every statistics have it’s own page
·  Advaced Private Statistics for the users (hide all, or only certain statistics).

Web Traffic Statistics & Analytics Genrator>>JOIN US




Site Map Create HTML and XML Sitemaps

You want to have search engines index and rank all pages in your website, but need an effective solution? Create HTML and XML sitemaps to help search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give the results you want! 
  • Standard XML sitemaps
  • Text and HTML sitemaps
  • ROR and RSS feeds
  • ASP.Net Sitemap.Web

Help Search Engines Find all Pages with XML Sitemaps

With HTML and XML sitemaps you can help Google, Yahoo and other search engines to:
  • Index your entire website including blogs and forums.
  • Speed up finding and showing changed content.
  • Ease the bandwidth load on your webserver.
  • Decide pages shown in search engine result pages.
The most important sitemaps you can create:
  • XML sitemaps protocol: Ping Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN with XML sitemaps / Google sitemaps.
  • Google mobile sitemap: Google XML sitemap for mobile phones content.
  • Google news sitemap: Google XML sitemap for news content.
  • Google video sitemap: Google XML sitemap for videos.
  • Google code sitemap: Google XML sitemap for source code files.
  • Google image sitemap: Google XML sitemap for images and graphics.
  • Google base feed: Google Base extends RSS feeds. (Only common tags are supported.)
  • RSS sitemap feed: RSS feed files use XML and often used for blog and forum websites.
  • ROR sitemap feed: ROR sitemaps extends RSS feeds with more information.
  • web sitemap: ASP.Net website navigation and menu controls use Web.sitemap files.
  • Text sitemap: Sitemap URL list format used by some search engines, e.g. Google and Yahoo.
  • HTML sitemap: Many websites use HTML sitemaps as a navigation aid to visitors.
  • HTML menu: HTML sitemap templates can also create URL lists for Javascript and CSS menus.

Get started making sitemaps    EMAIL US : Submitt your website detail at or



Directory Submit

Directories -Bookmarks-Articles Submission Services

e have included 300 website directories, 300 article directories and 300 social bookmarking sites in the script so that you can get started right away

  • Start a profitable directory submission service business without paying thousands of dollars to a programmer.
  • Build a list of potential customers in your target market.
  • Improve your current website's ranking on search engines like Google, naturally.
  • Increase the traffic of your current website without paying for ads or marketing.
  • Make your existing product or service more valuable by adding a free members only directory submission service.
  • Increase the price of your product or service without losing customers - because you have added more value.
  • Make your existing customers or visitors like you more, and tell their friends about you.

There are many different ways you can use Submit to benefit your business.

We manually check and update the directory sites once every 3 months and there's no charge for this. All customers would get lifetime directory updates.

For the users

  • Fast web-based semi-automatic directory submitter
  • Manage websites, articles and bookmarks in one place
  • Add the details once and submit to all sites quickly without compromising the quality
  • Add up to 10 different titles, descriptions and keywords for each website
  • Submit spinned websites and articles automatically
  • Check status of submitted websites, articles and bookmarks with one click
  • Export submitted websites, articles and bookmarks to Excel
  • Create unlimited number of unique articles from one article
  • Multiple payment options to choose from





Website Rank

Link Checker and Website Analyzer                                

Need to analyze your entire website for errors and possible improvements? You can spell check, improve internal linking, validate HTML and CSS, verify all pages have Google Analytics installed and more with A1 Website Analyzer. 

Website Analysis and Link Checking

Uncover important website problems:
  • Broken links: Link analysis and validation ensures your website has no broken links.
  • HTML errors: HTML validator ensures pages are crawled and shown correctly.
  • CSS errors: CSS validator ensures visual elements render correctly in browsers.
  • Response time: Can the webserver respond to multiple concurrent requests?
  • Download time: Is the webserver CPU or bandwidth too slow at serving files?
  • Character set: If a page outputs this wrong, it can hinder indexing by search engines.
  • File size: Optimize bandwidth usage and download time caused by large pages and images.
  • PageRank sculpting: Analyze how internal link juice flows to important pages you need to rank high.
  • Page titles: Check if all page titles are optimized and none are duplicated.
  • META description: Verify page META description and keywords are relevant and optimized.
  • Custom search: Search and check all pages for custom text and code, e.g. Google Analytics.
  • Spell check: Check websites for spelling errors using a variety of spell checker dictionaries.
  • Website Ranking and Keyword Analyzer Generate and test which keywords have weak competition in searches. Then use our keyword research tool to optimize your websites pages for optimal ranking in search engines.  you get the following keyword analysis and promotion tools:

    • Position check: Track and position check website ranking for search keywords in search engines.
    • Analyze competition: Analyze organic and paid search competition. Backlinks, keywords, pagerank etc.
    • Keyword suggestion: Query online search engines and keyword suggestion tools to get new keywords.
    • Keyword lists: Create and expands lists of keywords. Easily combine lists into new sets of keyword phrases.
    • Keyword density: Analyze keyword density of pages. Adjust keyword importance for titles, headers, text etc.
    • Online keyword tools: Integration between keyword research and online keyword tools for SEMSEO and PPC.
    • Export keywords data: Website keyword research data can be exported as XML or CSV perfect for e.g. Excel.

    Track and view website position improvements visually in graphs. Analyse search keywords and determine strength of competing websites in search engine result pages (SERPs) for factors such as backlinks, keyword optimization, page titles etc. Analyze web pages for weighted keyword density to better optimize titles and headers. Build, combine and tune keywords lists for pay per click (PPC) campaigns in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. 


MetaTag Genratorr

Social media

What is Social Media Optimization? Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a technique to attract traffic to your Web site through different channels. Though, SEO has been comrade in arms for a long time, here we are not trying to squeeze its importance. Social Media Optimization is a new hat and helps to increase the credence of your Web site by driving huge amount of traffic to it. Social media involves online tools, platforms, other Web sites and online communities such as, Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, etc that people utilize to share different perspectives, idiosyncrasies, opinions and beliefs with each other. You can express your experiences in the form of text, audio or video. A good example here would be "YouTube." Using this social media through various mediums such as blogs, vlogs, forums and submitting articles helps you to display your marketing message. For example, you may embed an option of "Digg this" button on the blog of your site or develop excellent content, also known as, linkbait. It would be remarkable, if the content relating to your Web site covers the home page of "Digg" and collects maximum ranking. This may drive thousand of visitors to your Web site.
SMO helps to level up the linkability for optimizing your Web site. The Web site should contain information such as, news, white papers, forums and knowledge space that enables the visitors to link to your Web site. It also helps your content to travel further. For example, if you have portable content like PDFs, audio files and video files, you can submit these files to the social media sites. This will definitely enable the content to scatter over and finally get links back to your site.
Social Media Optimization also helps in creating inbound links which are important in the rise of search results and overall ranking of a Web site. Finally, Social Media Optimization helps the company owners to make their company visible and accessible around the globe with less investment.

Blog Setup: SEO Starter SEO Booster SEO Speed SEO Edge.
Self hosted Blogger WordPress
Blog Post Writing   5 10
Blog Maintenance  
Social Media Profiles Setup:
FaceBook My Space Flickr Squido Scribd Hubpages Slideshare YouTube  
Social Bookmarking on Social Media Websites:
Delicious StumbleUpon Reddit Diigo Spurl  
Addition Social Media Websites   10 25
Customer Product Review Submissions  


Content Writers

Content Writers

. If you're searching for internet search engine friendly article writing services, Search engine optimization/Search engine marketing Services your research finishes here. We now have several Search engine optimization,  content authors and our goal would be to supply you only the very best Search engine optimization,  article writing services on the market.
Are you aware what role do  content authors  play in creating a website? Content designers would be the answer to create wealthy and attractive content for websites therefore drawing a large number of customers. It's the content designers who write about the websites to be able to promote the help and items of the company. For designers like them, writing content has switched to become their very own talent with certain unique and distinctive style. Website writing isn't that easy the actual way it looks from sleep issues. It takes a great understanding, in which the content ought to be in easy language and the correct quantity of key phrases incorporated. Authors try to provide such content that's wealthy in key phrases, the word what is definitely understood and with no grammatical mistakes.

Our copywriter and content authors are equally versatile on different subjects or industries for example Web, IT, Hospitality, Property, Travel, Business, Finance, Reviews, Pr Release etc. We now have a sizable pool of gifted content authors who are able to generate a bit of content which will attract both site visitors and search engines like google. Our content authors evaluate the particulars supplied by clients minutely before creating a bit of content which will entertain, inform and educate site visitors. In addition, our copywriters may even blend key phrases inside your website's content without hampering using the flow from the writing.


Affiliate Marketing is a popular form of marketing for any merchant or business interested in increasing sales or leads. Affiliate Marketing is many times referred as “Pay for Performance” Marketing. Commission Junction, ShareASale, ClixGalore are three major Affiliate Marketing Networks (which we recommend to our clients)

Summary of our affiliate management services :-

  • Creation of affiliates page
  • Setting up the affiliate infrastructure
  • Submission of affiliate program to affiliate directories and forums
  • Affiliate directories link management
  • Manual affiliate application review
  • Recruitment of new affiliates through personalized emails to prospective affiliates
  • Replying to questions/concerns of affiliates
  • Fraud prevention (Includes liaison with your sales team on the quality of leads received)
  • Weekly reports

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