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Store Locator

Store Locator

LOCATOR Do you want to add a professionally looking store locator to your website? With our Store Locator script you can have a Google Map based store locator within minutes. Store Locator is an easy to use and highly customizable PHP script. Through a password protected administration page anyone with a password can manage stores and store locator options. You can add store finder to any web page with a few lines of code. Your website visitors will be able to locate dealers and find stores by district or address. A Developer Licence with Full PHP Source Code is available for Store Locator Script. DEMO VIEW


  • Unlimited Domain Usage - with a Developer Licence you can use Store Locator script on all your websites.
  • Integrable with third party applications - use Store Locator script on Wordpress, Joomla, oSCommerce or other template based websites.
  • Easy to install - installation file will set up the store locator script for you. Upon request we can install it for free!
  • Customize the appearance of your Store Locator via using a css file to match your website design.
  • Unlimited number of stores - add as many stores as you wish
  • Miles or km - use either km or miles for your searches.
  • Password protected administration page (demo) - manage all stores and Store Locator options..

Here you can see how our Store Locator script works, before buying it. Through online Administration page you can manage all stores and change various options. See the back end panel in action by clicking on Go to Administration page button. We've added Tesco stores all around London, UK. To test the search you can search for any London district or address.Go to Administration page

Google Maps v3 (no API key required).
- AJAX powered pagination.
- Search stores by address, city or postal code.
- Several possible filters (stores categories, max distance). - Distances units in Km or in Miles.
- Street view display (as an overlay to save space)
- Can detect the users location
- Specific marker used to display the user current location.
- 2 types of results display (included).
- A way to use your own icon as a custom marker on the Map.
- Very clean and user friendly user interface.
- Fully featured backend interface to add, edit and delete stores.
- Categories management.
- Automatically geocode your store addresses in the database.
- Built-in API system.


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